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Timing cover oil seal.


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Thought i'd put a few references for info on the timing cover/ front crankshaft oil seal.

Having not had much success with the standard one i bought. It leaked, I can only assume it was either not tight enough and so not sealing or the other thought I had today is that the seal to the timing cover housing was not good and it was getting in that way?

Originally the one I removed had a full metal jacket, the replacements have no jacket, but are nitrile rubber coated over a steel former. I'd hope to source a silicone one but after talking with a nice man at Barnwell.co.uk, he offered me 2 types both with the full metal jackets(there were no silicone ones available, although I have seen a few for VW's!). One a double lipped nitrile rubber, the other a leather seal. I am waiting now on delivery of the former.

I have found another source for the commonly sold types but with a double lip: http://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Seals-Inch+Size+Seals/c19_21/p32806/2x3x0.37+Inch+Nitrile+Rubber+Rotary+Shaft+Oil+Seal+with+Garter+Spring+R23+/+TC/product_info.html

For your info, the seal specs should be:

O/D: 3.000"
I/D: 2.000"
Depth: 0.375"

My only thought now is the nitrile rubber ones may be good at sealing to the housing over the metal jacket style, which could have been my problem anyway, unfortunately this is difficult to find out. I'm hoping that the new metal jacket one I get will seal ok, but wondered if it maybe worth running a ring of silicone rubber around the surface before I push fit it in?

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Think i said somewhere the plastic ones are too thick and dont hold in the shallow recess in the tin cover,  had some come loose

tin sleeved seals fit fine ,and are shallower, so your solutiion should be fine , be it single or twin lip seals ,  just make sure the lip doesnt turn inside out when you refit the cover ,,  

youve had some fun with this engine ..   more strong tea required .


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Definitely am Pete...Just found the metal one I'd removed originally, this is actually deeper than the replacement rubber one I first put in.
First time I put one in the lip did turn a bit inside out, had to poke it a bit to rectify...maybe that was the damage  ;D

Hopefully, it'll be all sorted this weekend and I get to drive it and enjoy....no more big jobs til next winter!!

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