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fitting oil temp sender


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I want to fit an oil temp gauge to the toledo (just to see how things get on with the oil cooler now fitted)
Trouble is where to fit it. The ideal place is the cooler hoses, but the curves are tight enough already and an adapter would make them difficult.
Next place is the sump. Not wanting to drill and put a fitting in the sump, I am thinking of a sump plug which is threaded already for a sender. Anybody seen one? before I have to start rummaging in the garage and borrowing a tap etc.

(Oh, and the oil gallery plugs do not have enough depth and the wrong thread, the oil pressure takeoff tapping  could be done with a modifield T piece, but the oil flow is static and will be away from the block.)


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Both Harley-Davidson and VW use dipstick oil temp senders.
I have a VDO dipstick, that I used without any need to adapt it, but I don't know the Part No.
Check that this item is long enough, it has an adjustable stop, so it can't be too long:

I linked it to an adapted water temp. gauge.

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Wow, not exactly cheap. I paid under a tenner for thye gauge and sender unit, and now a few quid for the reducer so I can measure the sump temp. Probably £12 all in, inly downside it has a painted silver bezel rather than a chrome one....

But a nice, easy to fit addition....(as in your suggestion)

I will post some data up in a few weeks, may wait until the trackday, see what happens there!

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Look at that, sign on and a new reply!

The sensor seems to be brass, so no chance there. BUT I thought of sticking a powerful magnet on the sump, should hold bits of steel. Take the magnet off when doing an oil change?
Alternatively, wack a powerful magnet inside the sump and leave until the engine is next apart. Cant see that causing an issue either.

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I can see that working Clive, i have looked into it a bit and found a tiny but powerful Neodymium magnet (high temp ones as normal ones go weak after 80 deg)

Loads on ebay etc , one as an example:

Stick it to the outside of the sump above the bung and release it as you drain the oil, it wont fall off....they are really powerful, watch your fingers...they bite back when they attach..!   ;)

A short vid showing one in the sump/oil attached to the bung, works rather well..! :

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The adapter arrived today, £4 delivered (it is ali, hopefully no issues with corrosion with all that oil about)
Seems a simple answer, I thought about drilling and welding or brazing, but I HATE welding under the car. I always get burnt. Usually a sizzle in the ear :o

The tolly has a modified dash waiting for the rain to stop. Rev counter, and a couple of extra worry gauges will keep me occupied.

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