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having got a
spedo ---rev counter
fuel and temp gauge (spitfire)
and now a volt gauge (pos from a stag)

i am after an oil gauge
as i want to keep them all looking the
same stye
i need to know did any of the triumphs come with an oil gauge ?
or do i just get anyone thats sort of looks right

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Zendervision wrote:
I have (the scale-less version) one of those, it compliments the other instruments nicely. It does mean I have two temperature gauges, but I've got a plan to fix that sometime in the future.


your goes well with the clocks you have
but as i am replacing mine with spitfire clocks i think the needle looks wrong for me  :(

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Zender, install an electric tachometer, then connect the mechanical tachometer cable up to the original temp gauge so the needle will spin around at the same speed as the engine.  Label the gauge "Traction Loss" or something.

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Nick_Moore wrote:
Shame on you Marcus, no vacuum gauge?  :P

Ahh, but I got one on me Hoover , It glows red when its loosing suction,
but I think it wont fit in , as its attached to the Hooova, :P :P :P


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