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CDSE 150 Carburettor Problem


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Ive recently overhauled the pair of Stromberg 150 CDSE carbs with a genuine overhaul kit and thought all was well until petrol started to flood out of one of the carbs (the carb fitted with the starter box/choke), on further investigation i could see that when the air valve was lifted petrol had pooled inside the venturi this made me think there was a problem with the float chamber or needle valve. Striped the bowl off and checked the float height which is 16mm (carb body machined face with gasket removed to highest point on plastic float), then lifted the float until needle valve closed and manually pumped petrol through to check the needle valve was not leaking which it was not.
Reassembled the carb and started the engine with some choke and no fuel leaking but when the choke was fully released the fuel began to drip out of the air intake again and from the choke brass spindle (starter box) which when wiggled seeps petrol from the spindle/bush point.

Has anybody had this problem or know how to fix it.

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I have recently done the same overhaul on mine. Did you dismantle the starter box and replace the gasket?

Make sure the nut is really tight against the spring when you reassemble----- where the choke cable connects, I had problems with mine with petrol seeping out.
Also make sure the disc is not 180 degrees out.
                                       Hope this helps,        John

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