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Carb question, dirty, faulty?

Pawel Saladziak

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Nope. Probably from the rocker breather or running with no air filter for a while.

The airbox is held on by those four nuts and some pipework. Carefully release it (leave the hoses connected) and you'll be able to access the gauzes on top of the carb. They lift off and can be cleaned before putting back.

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I took the air filter box off, completely detached it, and here goes the question. The gauzes seems to be unremovable and the only way to take them off is with the air intake manifold. But I may have found a suspect who cause this excessive dirt. If you look carefully on the picture you will see that there is a rubber seal missing on one of the gauzes (the more dirty one) so there is a gap all around it that lets the air inside omitting the air filter. So now I need this washer, any ideas where I can buy its, what to look for on ebay, elsewhere?

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