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hi all advice needed im the new owner of craigs prototype I have problems with the carbs one is over fueling I have took them off and found quite a bit of sediment in the bottom of both also stripped the fuel pump and that was the same car was running but very rough stalled and now wont start im guessing the carbs are going to need a strip down also can anyone tell me the best place to get carb parts for the 2000 also I need a new choke and throttle cable to it has had new plugs leads and cap but sounded like it was not firing on all six cylinders many thanks

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Plenty of things it might be.

Chances are it is a bit of crud in the needle valve.

Could also be fuel pump over pressure, the lugs that hold teh float have broken off, floats filled up with fuel.

Andrew Turner comes highly recommended for rebuilt carbs, and also bits and bobs to fix your own.

Original type choke cables may be NLA now, it should be a solid wire rather than a twisted type.

Throttle cable may need to be a hybrid for you depending on what they did to get Mk1 carbs (usually rod) working in a Mk2 (cable).



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been messing around with carbs  today and have found that the choke is stuck open the cable is not pushing the choke off this would explain the black sooted plugs and the flooding it looks like it has been like this for some time the cable has black tape all the way up it suggesting there is a problem when you disconnect the cable from the carbs the choke works fine guess the problem lies with the cable

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