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engien stalls when using clutch


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over the last few days, my car has developed a bit of a problem. regardless of whether the engine is hot or cold, every now and then it will stall as i press the clutch pedal i.e pulling up to reverse into my drive, stop on the road, press the clutch in to go into reverse and it stalls. also happens at a junction every now and then. will idle fine, and runs fine, its just that transition 2 second 'coasting' period as you pull up to a junction and change gear. however, if say im sitting at lights idling, then press the clutch in, all is fine.

any ideas ?

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most likely the crank thrust washers have worn thin or dropped out and the flywheel is making contact with the rear mounting plate,  have someone operate the clutch and
  see it the crank moves back and forth,,   should only have 0,004" end float

get hold of the pulley and shove it in/out (not with eng running,that could  be messy)
or lever with length of wood ,  

suggest you dont drive it till you have checked this ,
in serious cases  the crank thrust face can  get worn to destuction ,the bearing block can be reclaimed easily  hope its not this   Pete

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