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Rear outriggers need carb trade


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I just joined this group and live in USA
I have an early 948 Coupe and need rear outriggers.
i have a pair of carbs and an intake set up i would trade if some one wanted to or i'd buy them outright.
Or does any one have a pair for sale?
Canley listed them for a 63>.
does anyone know the difference between the early chassis and the folowing one as relating to the rear outriggers?
Is there a source for a working drawing for the rear outriggers that i could use to have them built for me at a metel benders shop?
I have photos of my coupe on flickr at this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/8061431@N07/sets/72157627613360817/
Appreciate any help with this

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T.D. Fitchett list them as £20.50 each. No idea if Mk 1 are the same though, but the guys at Fitchetts will know. They manufacture the outriggers so you won't find new ones cheaper, but they don't have a web site or email adress (old school buisness) so you will have to call them on +44 1952 619585

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One of the big changes on the "Star" (Vitesse and later Herald 1200) chassis from mid-1962 is that the main rails are slightly deeper ("taller" if you will). The later rear outriggers, though, can be fairly easily adapted to the earlier ("shorter") main rails. Basically, it involves cutting a thin wedge section out of the bottom of the replacement outrigger (1/4" at the main rail end of the outrigger and tapering outward), welding it back up and then welding the outrigger in place on the chassis. This was described to me some years ago by John Kipping, and (since I can't weld...yet, anyway) it was done for me on my late 1961-build Herald by a friend of mine, with great success! He's a very good and very fussy/particular welder and did a beautiful job. He also, at my request, took some photos of the whole process; unfortunately, I've never gotten them. IF he still has them and can get them to me someday, I want to put something up on a web site about this.

Oh, and I got the new outriggers from Canley Classics; no endorsement per se, but I do want to say that they were very well made. Beyond the "trimming" described above, my welder had no problem fitting these on the car!

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Also the early cars have two sets of body mounts in the boot.

As Bill kindly explained to me theres no big deal about this, you have to fabricate two U shaped brackets and wel them onto the outrigger to support the body there as the early body/chassis does not have the body mounts  into the bridge piece.

(Richard who still has to fabricate said brackets for daughters Herald Coupé.  :B  )

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