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Help dismantling Clutch Master cylinder

Jack f

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Hi all,

In danger of asking a stupid question...

In the process of stripping down my clutch master cylinder to replace the seals as it has leaked and the hydraulic oil is contaminated, the circlip, washer and push rod all came out nice and easy as expected.

The problem is I thought the piston, spring, and valve shank would slide out too, but it hasn't. It moves in and out of the cylinder under the spring pressure well enough but any ideas on how to remove it fully from the cylinder?

Looking at all the diagrams I can't see any reason why it wouldn't come out, unless the cylinder bore is burred causing it to stick?

Any suggestions welcome!

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Gunk in the bore.
Push piston in and clean as well as you can.  Detergent and water with fine wet and dry (600) on a finger.
Tap cylinder, with progressive force, on a piece of softwood, in the direction you wish the piston to move.
Can take time and considerable force. Hit down squarely to minimise chance of damaging end of cylinder.
When piston level with end of the cylinder, gentle tapping on the edge of the cylinder or the reservoir should get the piston out far enough to grip to to complete the removal.

Be patient!

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So does sticking it in a vice and screwing bleed nipples into both orifices, leave one nipple slack and give it a squirt of compressed air. Don't look down the cylinder as you do it though! Best to cover the cylinder end with a big soft cushion or similar - it can come out at great speed.

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Done it!

Sat it upright in a vice and let it soak in penetrant oil and just kept working away until the piston came out far enough for me to lift it out.

Tried the boiling trick but no luck this time, although I have used it before on stubborn hoses etc and it works a treat.

Cheers guys

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