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So, I'm going to replace my clutch on the Vitesse. Need the earlier type, any recommendations of where to buy? What does a clutch kit comprise of, will I need anything else?

I replaced my slave cylinder a few years ago, so that side is all good. Just looking for any tips etc?? I don't have a clutch alignment tool, so I guess I need one of those?


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TSSC shop sels a simple plastic tool, TLS-33-43    (now online again) tssc.org.uk

or rimmers   http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-RX1702

as Ive said you only need one new dowel hole to fit the later 2 ltr diaphragm unit with a 2ltr release carrier to make an amazing difference   much lighter operation than a coil cover.

I bought 2 coil clutch cover from good sources and both were not set up correctly ,
judder fro ever,

worst day when we closed the factory I binned a coil cover setting jig as it had been in the special tools cupboard for 40 years and never saw daylight.....right now it would be usefull

if the cover is in good condition and there's no judder just fit a new disc this will lower the pedal loads and increase the clamp load

do not buy a disc for a diaphragm unit its too thin  you will have a heavy pedal and soon get slip.as clamp load is soon lost

coil disc is about 1.5mm thicker.  dont let anyone tell you they are the same

cant help with any spares as my coils went to canley as core units. so long gone

just some thoughts


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