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Fit dust cover over master cylinder pushrod


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Trying to fit service kit for Girling MC on a Vitesse 1600. Does the pushrod come apart to make fitting the new dust cover simple? It doesn't look like it does (as the view from the clevis pin end shows a very smooth join), but despite warming and lubing I split the new dust cover trying to stretch it over the end. I'm about to try again with another new cover. If not, how best to stretch this over?


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I can sympathise as I think the originals were a stretchy sort of rubber while the modern replacements seem to be a type of plastic! Can only suggest immersing the cover in boiling water for a while.

Otherwise if it still wont go theres three possibilities: leave it off, glue the split with superglue after installation or buy a threaded pushrod with separate clevis. This last option does also give you the advantage of being able to adjust the length to take up any play in the pedal linkage...

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Thanks as ever glang. I'm with you on those options, and the replacement part does indeed have a plasticky feel. Need to get things going asap so I'll boil the kettle and have another go, and then superglue the split. Will have to make do for now.
Oh, this is for the GT6, not the Vitesse - that thankfully is running well

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