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Alternator replacement


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Hi all,

Alternator needs replacing as my old Lucas one is failing.

Can anyone recommend a good replacement around 40-65 amps as I'll be adding more electrical stuff to the car later-on and don't want something too low spec. I guess I need to update some of the electric gauge cables too - not sure which ones so any help appreciated.

Many thanks

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No experience with Lucas alternators, apart from having one fail on a brand new V6 Capri within a month, but have overhauled many Bosch and two Denso.
Very easy to overhaul, replacing various parts (Usually just brushes and bearings, sometimes the regulator.) and unless the slip rings require attention, cheap as chips.
Machining the slip rings requires some skill and access to a lathe to do the job and make a mount for the tailstock to hold the rear bearing.  Rarely the slip rings are beyond the point where skimming is not worthwhile.

The windings rarely fail and are easy the check with a multimeter.
At one stage Bosch moved the slip rings further from the armature body resulting centrifugal force causing the the wire to break free from the first slip ring, turning a very reliable design to one much less so.
Re attaching the wire and binding to the shaft with string repaired them.

Always amused at the price people pay for refurbished exchange units.  Must be good earners.

Used to always use overhauled, second-hand Bosch on my own vehicles and never had one fail in in 30+ years.

A few years back I was given a 220,000 Klm. old Denso so decided to replace brushes and bearings and try it on the Spitfire as I had heard good reports.
They certainly are very well designed and built units and I'd have no hesitation recommending them for anyone not worried about originality.

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