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shim under dizzy mesh gear


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hi Guys,

have fitted a new power spark ignition to me 13/60 rebuild engine, and with a new battery it cranks over 2 or 3 times them kills the battery!
i have shimmed the dizzy pedestal with the paper gaskets. canleys listed 6 thou and 20 thou, so i have used the 20 thou gasket. this should have given the correct clearance. i was looking for a larger battery to help crank it over, i have the standard 45 amp, but like a 56 amp.


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Hello Scotty,

you shouldn't need a larger battery, the 3 litre Scimitar I used to have only had a 45 Ah battery and that would crank over fine. If the car had been standing for a week or two it took a lot of cranking to start it.


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sorry for late reply guys, i had added a shim washer under the mesh gear, being it was missing when i had rebuilt the engine.
could this cause the dizzy gear to be misaligned with cam gear? and making it harder to crank over?
i only added the shim as it was shown in the 13/60 parts book.

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for clarity of things, are ye say,n that cos ye got too much clamp force ont
dizzy pedastal, its stopping the cam frae turning owa,
thus is putting strain on starter !!!

just cant seem t,get me heed around this at all.

As for findin oot the gap, then forget al the shims, spacers ect, the best way is to fit the pedastal, clamp doon, and shuv yer feelers into gap at bottom

ye got nee gap, then its  too tight,  add gaskets till thera gap. simples


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