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Swapping ignition lock barrels

A TR7 16V

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The ignition keeps cutting out, sometimes randomly, but also if I fiddle with the key a bit. So I'm guessing I need a new ignition switch.

I see that ANG sell them with and without the barrels. So I assume I can swap the existing lock barrel to a new switch body.

Is that right, and if so, hows it come out?


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Yes, the barrels can be swapped. Once you have the switch out of the car and on the bench, there's a small hole - perhaps 5mm diameter - on the side which gives access to a brass button. Press that in with a poky thing - small drift is ideal, small screwdriver will do - while pulling the barrel out, and it should just pop free. Sometimes it's easier to have the key in while you do it.

Fitting to the new switch is just a matter of pushing it in until it clicks.

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