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Importing a Car from USA to UK papers?


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Anyone have experience importing a Triumph from USA to UK?

Thinking about building and shipping a car over for the next 10CR.  I know I can keep it there up to 6 mths with my local US tags/papers. but after that what papers does the DVLA need to import it?  will they accept a heritage cert for the build date etc.?



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I imported a motorcycle from France some time ago and it was pretty easy.  Importantly, you really need to make sure you get a proper bill of sale, as this makes getting a NOVA document easy. As long as you have this, and proof of the date of first use in its original country, or if not, a dating certificate from a recognised car club or one of the companies that will do this for you, the rest is easy. Once you send all the required documentation to DVLA it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get the V5 to you with your "new" age related registration number. 

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