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A Smörgåsbord of Triumphs


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Today was a trip to Mr Brakes to machine some Dolomite brakes.

Started by machining down the original Dolomite discs to make simple clamp rings. Then opened some 256mm VW golf vented discs slightly to match the Dolomite hubs. I also have a pair of 239mm discs, which definitely fit under 13" wheels. The 256 not sure, deffo won't fit with sprint alloys but maybe with steelies? I do have some 14" minilites, or could go all out and fit MGF alloys. The second pic shows the difference in diameter between the original dolly disc and the nice shiny 256mm disc. And my nice new Sparco safety shoes (ebay bargain!)

Finally, use a special punch to mark the discs for redrilling, then drill to suit the original 3/8 bolts.  The first pic shows teh very handy drill that drills nice and slow, 134rpm. More pics tomorrow...

Next job is to make some brackets to fit the late escort calipers I bought a while ago. They were a bargain. Genuine Ford, brand new and I think £50 for the pair. May have a go tomorrow.




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8 hours ago, Tim Bancroft said:

Er, nice laces!

Is the 'Trackerjack' conversion not available...what has happened to John?

Shoes are really comfy!

TJ is around I think, not sure how active though. I am more or less replicating his kit, except using the bigger version of the discs and late Escort calipers. How hard can it be??

Currently waiting for some 8mm steel bar to make the adapters. Want them plenty strong enough. Then I need to get some braided hoses made up. I think that is all.

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