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Ignition/steering lock problem

TR7th Heaven

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My dad has just bought a 'project'.
It's a 1974 1300 MKIV Spitfire in 'restorable' (according to him anyway) condition.
The previous owner had long since lost the keys and the steering lock was on, so Dad had to saw through the steering column to turn the wheels to get it on a trailer.
He can replace the steering column easily but now he doesn't know what to do with the ignition lock. There doesn't appear to be a number on it so he can't order another key. A new lock is £65 which seems a lot to me (and to him on a pension) so what are his options? He's muttering about drilling a hole in the dash and fitting a generic type ignition key but I've warned him against this as the car, although tatty, is delightfully original in Triumph white with a blue interior and must be one of the last 1300s before the 1500 replaced it. It's got overdrive and a hard top too.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Rich  ;)

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