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Rear Wheel Arch Carpets


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Do the carpets for the rear wheel arches come with holes in for the seatbelt mounts, or do you need to add these yourself?

Just wanted to double check as I've replaced my rear wheel arches and need to drill holes for the seat belts

I wasn't sure if there were mounting holes already in place in the carpets, or if they're to be cut when fitted

Also, what do I need to install in/on the wheels arch to attach the belt correctly?
I know there's a nut with a big washer, but is there any kind of threaded rod that goes through the arch aswell?.....there doesn't appear so on the parts diagrams, but some pictures of other cars seem to have something else fitted in addition to the nut and washer

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I used a set of moulded carpets from Newton and I seem to remember having to make the holes. The seat belt mounting on my car is a captive not welded on to the strengthening plate for the shock mount (rotoflex car). Non rotoflex cars just have a spreader plate or large washer to strengthen the mounting.

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