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MK1 GT6 bonnet Gas Strut kit


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I have been looking around at some of the GT6 bonnet gas strut kits, all of them seem to be for a Mk3 and im trying to fit one to a Mk1 which they dont fit.....and im not keen to spend £121 that TSSC sell them for

They look fairly easy to make using the Rover 200 rear gas struts and the top triangle plate that mounts onto the bonnet, but has anyone done one for a mk1 and has any pictures of how it’s been mounted to the chassis at the front as it’s quite different to a Mk3?  Ideally it would be good to use any existing holes rather than drilling the chassis

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Quoted from timireson
I used the rover 200 one from above company but they are not strong enough to hold open bonnet.
Not looked it anymore by but would be nice to hear how you do.
Mines mk3 gt6.

Tim, I thought there were different types, some that lock more than others? Did you make your front brackets mount in the usual place on the mk3?

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check whichever 200 units you are using as three and five door cars had different struts look at trimmers web site part number BHE380260EVA (check the other struts) or part number BHE140020,, this is for tail gate with air spoiler, Ask and Trevor will tell you the best strut to use

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Quoted from chunky63
Try this company as their technical help has been excellent helping our work design team select an appropriate strut and end fittings

Thanks for the link

These guys do an adjustable ram, so you can start at 700N and work your way down, the Rover 200 ones are something like 370N  

Do most people find the bonnet stays open by itself ok using the Rover items?

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morning all

I have finally finished my kit and seems to hold the bonnet up quite nicely, it doesn't give much assistance in the first 30 degrees of opening the bonnet but apart from that seems to be a big help.

One problem I do have is that my drivers door to bonnet clearance is fairly tight ~2mm clearance.  With the strut kit on it pushes the bonnet a couple of mm back until its just lightly touching, which isn't a surprise since there is a fair amount of force in those gas struts.

the bonnet gap seems fairly consistent between the windscreen scuttle so im thinking its the door, but the door doesn't look like its go loads of clearance at the back to drop it down.  The passenger side is quite different, there is loads of room, but then again the bonnet and door gaps on that side are shocking.

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Quoted from byakk0
How was the fit before the struts? Do you have any adjustment at the hinges?

the fit was as its shown in the photos before the struts went on, the struts just push the top edge of the bonnet forward a mm or so as the bonnet has a natural bit of movement/twist and then it touches the door.

I'm assuming the hinges have adjustment, but I think its more the door that's at fault, unless some can see that the bonnet top edge gap between the scuttle and bonnet is way off.

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