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Wendy Dawes

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Hi everyone.. Marmite is an on going project . Down for the RBRR I’ve already replaced on front wheel bearing as it started to chirp on the Border Raiders and caused some head scratching.  The second one is now on way from Chris Witor as close inspection found that the retaining washer is undersized and allows grease to escape . The nut is also a long way down the thread and the split pin is only just retaining the nut so that’s going to be sorted before the round Britain. Purists now cover your eyes as I’ve sourced a replacement engine . It’s a Triumph lump but it’s from an MG!  it’s been bench tested and shows great oil pressure and compression across the board . It’s also not chattering like a demented type writer which the current engine is . Having changed the valve gear and pushrods. I’m pretty convinced it’s cam and follower related . Although it runs well it’s done 74000 miles and is in need of some love! 

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