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Rover sd1 2600 swap


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This is purely a question that has arisen from my own curiosity but I have been browsing engine swaps for the big sedan and it occurred to me that the 2600 engine from the sd1 would be the spiritual successor and in many ways right at home in the 2000 as it was designed by Triumph. 

Has anyone heard of or done this swap?

From what I have read the sd1 engine would also be a good candidate to make decent power.

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Requires some work around the radiator as well as the engine is longer. But as the 2.3 /2.6 was an evolution of the Triumph engine it fits.

I also heard that the twin cam version of this engine was dropped as it would have made the 2.6 SD1 faster than the 3500 Rover engined version.



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