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Valencia mk11 2000 saloon XOT309J

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Hi there, I have just purchased a new toy, a 2000 saloon which was advertised in classic car weekly a couple of weeks back.

Being local to me it seemed like a good idea to go and see it not realising I would fall completely in love again, hopelessly in fact. 

Anyway although a nice car and at strong money it has come to me with absolutely no history, i would really like to put something together over a period of time, so if anyone out there knows anything or anybody that may be able to fill in some gaps that truly would be lovely.

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So far we have found an old advert where it was for sale for £1510 in need of light restoration.

This may have been many years ago.

A friend has put a couple of pictures on Facebook for me and we have found out that it was owned by someone in the Register for a couple of years, 2005 to 2007.

When the restoration took place we do not know and as for the mileage of 37000 being correct, this may never be verified.

The car itself would suggest that of low mileage but one never knows for sure what exactly may have been done in only 51 years of ownership.


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Hello thescrapman, thank you for your response.

We think it was put into the auction at Duxford but could not find out whether or how much it sold for. It had a guide of £8000 to £10000.

We purchased it direct from a dealer, it was one of the cars driven in the for sale section of classic car weekly just a couple of weeks ago.

Here it is as it was advertised for auction before the bumpers were rechromed and put back on.


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Hi Ben, it's good to have a big saloon again, I have a new found enthusiasm and a big smile.

The list of jobs is growing already ☺

There is a chance the restoration work may have been done by someone in the Southampton, Lymington area but that depends whether it was sold before or after.


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