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Fitting Rear Seat Belts 2500 Saloon Mk2


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I'm in the process of trying to fit Securon rear belts in my 2500TC saloon. Having pulled out the rear seats and parcel shelf I've found the threaded bolt holes. Do you bolt the belts in and put the shelf over the top or put the bolts through the shelf. There are cutouts in the shelf base but they would need enlarging to fit over the bolt heads but I'm not convinced the shelf would fit even if the cut outs were enlarged?

Sorry it's probably a really noddy question but I don't want to cut through the shelf unless that's what I need to do. If someone could post a picture of theirs installed that would be great.

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recently fitted inertia in the back and have removed it as the roll wont fit the o/s without a  poor approach angle , and its punched the headliner,

this was on the Z straps to off set from the close to edge fixing, end result you cant stop it pivoting, no matter how tight you secure it,  

use a std  stepped collar spacer to bridge the shelf foam and fully tighten the bolt ,

I have  now reverted to static rears and they fit much better ,
even found the reel pendlum could set up a rattle, which you dont get when floor mounted

there have been posts on here about making a triangular flat gusset to move the belt mount inboard to get the reel axis correct

but static is simple . if  less convenient


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