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Hopefully something a bit easier !!!!

Gt6 1968!!

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After all the great help and advice I received from everybody on my last thread I thought I would ask for thoughts on my next job.

I've got some small patches of rust on the chassis, ( I've attached some images ), I really don't want to sand them down and repaint them as I'd like to keep the car as original as possible.

Would it be acceptable to clean all the areas with de-reaser and apply some kind of sealant? If so what sealant could I use?, my reasoning behind this is that the car was my late dads and I really don't want to change it too much, but in the same breath I don't want the corrosion to get any worse, I hope this makes sense, any suggestions very welcome.


Many thanks 

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Hi. Nice to see an aim for preservation, rather than the usual resto.

Depending on the cars environement, if not a daily driver and kept in a dry garage, I think it would take a long time for it to get much worse and it wouldn't get to any "rot" stage.

To help preserve, I have no definate ideas, I think folk use a mat/satin laquer to help preserve a rust patina. Maybe some form of wax may help?.  Both would have to be re done at some point?, I imagine

Cheers, Dave

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After some fore thought I asked a friend and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what he said makes sense

What is shown in the photo looks suspiciously like the remains of the bulb from a capillary temperature gauge. It might have been knocked in or even glued in as it would normally have been held in place by a screwed collar (There might be compression fit bulbs around with a olive). I don’t think it was original to the block and someone has drilled the oil gallery. They might have wanted to run an oil pressure/temperature gauge set up. The port for the Oil pressure gauge is next to it. I run a temp/pressure gauge on my white TR6 but used an existing tapping.

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