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Weird front mount rubbers 1300 TC FWD


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I went under the front car to see an oil leak and I was puzzled by the mount configuration.

It seems that the mounts are not in the right place and that there is some additional white rubber in front to support the engine !!!

Any ideas ? Cheers Gilles

image link :



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Evening Trubac.

I'm a bit confused about the angle of your photos, but I think you have diagnosed the problem correctly - the mounts are not in the right positions.

Not sure how useful these are but here are some pics I took of my engine, in position then out of the car. Got better shots of the left side than the right. 

It does't look like your mounts are fixed in position - are there any studs/nuts holding them on? You might also want to check the rear engine / gearbox mount, to see what state that is in, although that requires getting right underneath the car so not as easy.

I suppose the sump bolts are holding the engine in position on the differential casing. Personally I'd look to get some proper engine mounts to support it before driving very far. 

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Thanks Peter !

That is very usefull, it seems that my front engine plate is different because there is a vertical plate.

Also it seems that some angled plates, with the original mounts holes, has been made to cope with the new mounts.

It looks like a french mechanics didn't have the right part and adapted one.

At the end I could don't care but I find that the "white rubber" under the engine is quite weird...

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Gilles - I'm not sure what you mean by "vertical plate", your mount brackets look the same as mine I think, anyway. Is the engine resting on the white rubber? I guess it's there to stop the engine sliding down and resting directly on the cross-member.

Colin - pretty sure the cranks were originally same as the Spitfire / Herald and changed to tapered nose later on, so that wouldn't necessarily stop you swapping engines over. It's not a straightforward swap though, I considered doing it on mine but can't remember what the main obstacle was. Dipstick is in a different position (near rear of engine on FWD) and I think there was something else but can't recall what. 


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Pete, if you look at my front plate on the left hand side (right if you face the car) you can clearly see that there is 2 possible flat face where the rubber can be mount (one is vertical), on yours is impossible to mount it myway. The same applies to the right hand side of the front enginge plate : mine has a flat (vertical) that yours doesn' have.

Yes the engine is resting on the white rubber to prevent the engine to touch directly the cross member. The 2 mounts on the side are keeping the engine from moving side way.



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  • 1 year later...

2 years later ... It seems that there is 2 versions of the front engine rubber mounts. On mine the later.

The Repair Operation Manual of the car is also confusing as there is 2 configurations :

  1. on page 1-112 and 1-113 (see photos)
  2. on page 4-102 (see photo)

On photo 4-102 I've put the other type in red.

So a change occurred in the production as also the front engine plate has changed for the new mounting. Later rubbers are a lot bigger, so I imagine that they changed it for a better soundproofing reason.

Problem is that the the later configuration is not well engineered as they are almost vertical (see photo 4-102) so the rubbers are not working in compression but in shear (not sure of that word): when they get old the engine touches the front subframe bar ... thus the 2 white silicone rubber on mine (see photo on original post) that are ruining totally the soundproofing improvement desired.

So I've tried to put mine on earlier rubbers ... Problem : they are too thick (see photo)

Question : are the Triumph 2000 rubbers really the same as the 1300 FWD ?

cheers to you all !


TC front rubber 1-112.jpg

TC front rubber 1-113.jpg

TC front rubber 4-102.jpg

Engine rubbers 1300TC new.jpg

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Hi Gilles

Sorry I only have just seen your new post.

The first two pictures above do show the "normal" engine mount setup that does indeed use the same mounts as the 200/2500 saloons.

The diagram 4.102 shows a prototype pre-production setup, this setup also included a small damper fitted between the rear of the engine and the bulkhead, this was not used in production on UK models.

The factory parts book does list a different engine mounting setup using a different front engine plate, and the rear damper. but it lists this as being for "special orders" The rubber mount associated with this setup is different to the usual one, I've done quick google search and it may be the same as the Morris Marina 1800/Ital engine mount.

Does your car have the damper at the rear of the engine? I've only seen this fitted to French cars for some reason, maybe they also use the differing front mount setup as well.

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