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Lateral Flow Testing - Please read


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Hello all

As I reported in the Thread – Covid Restrictions, I do not see that delaying the lifting of Covid restrictions means we cannot run the C2C21.  We have contingencies for most local restrictions and conditions that are as safe as possible for the entrants and crews, so I am presuming, at this time, the event will go ahead.

For everyone’s protection and as it is an MSUK requirement, entrants and crew starting the C2C21 will need to be able to produce evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Covid-19 Test taken within 48 hours of the start if requested by a CT or MSUK official at Sign–on. This is a condition of entry.

If, on Saturday 3rd July, or earlier, you have Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test, repeat the test and if still positive do not travel to Flamborough, self isolate, obtain a PCR Test and text me giving your name and entry number in the text.

The symptoms of Delta Covid-19, sourced from Dr John Campbell are:

Headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever and cough.  Loss of taste and smell is not being reported in the current major variant.


That is not as draconian as it may sound.  Obtaining a free NHS LFT Kit is simple and quick.  Carrying out the test is not complicated; although it can be a little uncomfortable, getting the negative evidence is not difficult if you follow the instructions.

I suggest all entrants and crew obtain an NHS LFT Kit (7 tests) as quickly as possible and have a trial run at it well before the event.

Ordering a kit is simple and quick. They come with comprehensive instructions, which I’ll not repeat in detail here, but the outline process is:

1)      Order Kit – Link to website below

2)      Read the instructions

3)      Find a hygienic and quiet place to carry out the test – or go to a test centre

4)      Take the test

5)      Wait 30 mins

6)      Get your results

7)      Report the results

😎      Get verification to your phone or PC.

9)      Carry the verification with you to Flamborough.

Below are useful links that will help you understand in detail what to do, where to order how to test and what to do if the test is positive.

About Lateral Flow Tests


Where to order a Lateral Flow Test


How to do a Lateral Flow Test


If you do have symptoms you will not be able to enter the event. You and your household will need to self isolate and need to have a PCR Test. 


I'll send this as an email to all entrants shortly.

Best wishes, Chris


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I see no reason for it not to go ahead as long as we follow the rules.  Other events are already running and I have already taken part in a scatter rally back in April with a Tulip rally the weekend before the C2C.

I suspect that like myself many of us are already lateral flow testing twice a week already.




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3 hours ago, Chriss said:


The symptoms of Delta Covid-19, sourced from Dr John Campbell are:

Headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever and cough.  Loss of taste and smell is not being reported in the current major variant.


It's important to be careful with information you share.


A runny nose, sore throat and headache are also symptoms of hay-fever. Pollen counts are very high right now. People were testing positive with no symptoms in the past. It's not impossible people are mistaking hay-fever for covid, getting tested and showing as positive.


There are predictions in that video which haven't proven true. It's important to gain information from as many sources as practical and to be aware of cognitive bias.

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Hi Ferny

Thanks for your good advice.  I tried to find an NHS source for the symptoms of Delta Variant but there was none.  Also most other sources I could find I would not say were trustworthy. I have looked at Dr John Campbell for the past year and found him to be  a thoughtful source of information, correct in most of what he says. 

A lateral Flow Test is an indication, not a definitive diagnosis.  If an LFT is positive it shows that a PCR test is required for better diagnosis.

Ben H if you think that reference to symptoms and Dr John C are not appropriate please would you remove them.  Thanks.


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I understand the concern and it is a valid point but my crew have both injections now and we do regular Lateral Flow Tests for work.

Based on the current information, we will be on the start line (and hopefully the finish line) and if it was not officially on, I would probably still do a run.  I have the hotel booked for the night before and looking forward to the weekend away.

I hope it goes ahead and look forward to meeting everyone.

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