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New MIG welder needed

Steve AKA vitessesteve

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My old Sealey welder is close to death. This one has a Euro torch and would do TIG as well I think. Would this be a good buy. I want to be able to tackle Stainless in addition to car stuff as my Mrs has a little yacht that could use some stainless steel fabrication. Interested to hear what you would spend up to £400.00 on.


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Hi Stephen,

         most MIG welding units will do Stainless wire.  

Not  as delicate as a TIG welder for the thinnest material.

£400 would buy a nice MIG welder.   

Join a TIG and MIG together and you reduce the quality of both for that money. 


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R Tech, based near us in Gloucester and adjacent to where our Wyedean 'boss' Gordon works, produce excellent stuff.

I have actually switched from MIG to TIG after over 30 years as my back up to my gas welding - much nicer when working on thin material.  Needless to say an R Tech one and they do training courses for people who have bought their kit at a very reasonable sum.


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