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Last Minute Tips

don cook1

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Wear your shoes loose - make sure they're really comfortable (ie worn in) - and take them off when riding passenger... - and experiment with every sort of seat position you can to get comfy...

I get spasms in my feet if I don't do the above...!

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Delete bogroll
Insert (as it were) kitchen roll.
Ever tried to mop up a spill with bogroll?  It falls apart.
Kitchen roll will do for bogroll, though it is a bit less 'delicate'.

Delete Swarfega.
Insert Swarfega handwipes!
Haven't tried them for bottom or glasses, but why not?
They would give you the authentic, I'm-a-hard-core-endurance-racer smell!

A3 "Zippy bag" - clear plastic with zip closure, as waterproof map case.

Imodium tabs - one dose stops diarrhoea

Fly swat - get them before they get you


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I mentioned a magnifier in yesterdays mail. Plus 'post-its' to mark pages of atlas etc.

Finished compiling the maps last night- printed off the last min. instructions/advice and the final entrants list.

One thought: Get some Swiss Francs if you have not already purchased a Swiss road permit- they may not accept plastic!

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