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Nurburgring pics


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Jony5 wrote:
o and JC you lucky git gettin your pic snapped ;) dont saloons look kick ass. btw theres some pics of a vitesse on there too. im guessing mr Chinns but only sat in the car park.

Shame there are none of Capt Helm on his flying lap... 14mins (it was a very wet track at 8am) Full vid and others will be on youtube sometime this week.  ;D

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TR7Nutter wrote:
I was looking at the Nurburgring circuit entrance webcam pics last night... They are taken every minute...

7:58am Empty
7:59am Empty
8:00am 5 Triumphs with Capt Helm at the front - fantasic !!!

Did you find an archive then? All I can find is the current live pics :-(

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