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Triple SU manifold on ebay


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Theres a nice set of three SUs and Triumph manifold going on ebay. Dont know what size they are and of course theyre meant for a 2.5 but Ive always thought they are the way to go rather than Webers. Anybody know what its like to run with that set up?

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They are not easy to get right. It is to do with the firing order, and the middle carb needing to be set differently. Bruce afew years ago did it, it was loads of work and time on a rolling road, with the manifolds needing machining to get the flows to match.

In all honesty, looks nice, but twin SU's likely to produce as much power and be much easier to live with.

Sorry to be brutal....

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As Clive says. The Triumph six is technically two three cylinder engines and needs to be treated as such. Webers are a different story technically a carb barrel per cylinder as is PI. Three single barrel carbs is not the way to go. Not on a Triumph six anyway.


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