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Laycock clutch Vitesse & TR6 colour codes ?


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i am looking to replace my clutch on my Vitesse 2 litre and would like to know if anyone knows the right clutch cover colour code for the clamping force for these clutches. I have one that has a blue paint mark and one green, does anyone know which is which in terms of clamping force and suitability, they are both 8 1/2" diameter clutches and  am told the laycock are best ?

many thanks, alex

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No idea what you're talking about, never heard of blue and green marks.    What I've found inportant is that the friction plate should have the right number of splines, and that the friction plate and cover should be replaced together for long-term reliability.

Check the splines, get one for Canley's: https://www.canleyclassics.com/triumph-vitesse-vitesse-mkii-clutch


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Re Laycock, yes they are the best. But they use a different plate to others IIRC. 

B+B made a plate specifically to fit a laycock cover, that was when B+B was a proper company, not just a label stuck on a box. But a search of the autojumblers who specialise in brake/clutch parts may well turn up a laycock complete clutch kit, if you are lucky and search enough.

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