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Herald with 3.89 diff


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Anyone ever driven a Herald fitted with a 3.89:1 diff (Vitesse/GT6/ MkIV Spit) yet with the standard (60 HP) engine? If so how sluggish was it? I am thinking of doing this to my 13/60 Estate. It currently has a 1300 Dolomite engine, which is wrecked. Alternatively, if anyone has a 1300 Dolomite engine in reasonable order it would make my life much easier. To put a 13/60 engine back in I will need to swap gearbox, exhaust and prop flange. Not a huge deal, but simply swapping the engine would be slightly less work.

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There is a friction plate option (Canleys used to sell them) to put an earlier flywheel (1147, 13/60, Spitfire 1300) onto a fine spline Dolomite/1500 Spitfire gearbox. Alternatively you can fit the Dolomite flywheel to a smaller engine, might need some dowels to make the bolt holes smaller.

Its a Triumph, so lots of mix and match possibilities.

or look for a 1500 engine, you will definitely need a taller diff then.

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