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Limited Slip Diffs are they worth while?

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I have a Quaife in my EFI car I have just bought another from Quaife as I am reserecting my old 2.5 carbed car.
I consider them a labour saving device. Memories of spending too may hours changing busted differentials and cold wet nights by the roadside. BTW the diff in the EFI car (3.63) has had dogs abuse with no issues.


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surely it depends on how you drive your car?

if you give it large most of the time then as laurence says it's only a matter of time before something breaks.

you have cv's so the next logical weak point is the diff(if not the g/box :-/).

but considering the price of an lsd it may be cheaper in the long run to transplant a stronger diff from another car.
there are a few options about but may require some creativity on your part. :)

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