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Changed the seals on the clutch master and I've pulled the slave apart and put it back as the seal seems good, I intend to get a new slave tomorrow though

What can cause the pedal to "judder" it's almost impossible to pull away smoothly from standstill, could it just be a dodgy slave cylinder or could I have broken taper pin ?
The slave's piston seems to be within the normal position when operating( it's not almost popping out)
I have about 1" of travel in the gearbox arm if pushed back towards the slave cylinder with the pushrod disconnected

Thoughts please

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      Mr Radders reckons I have a gearbox mount gone as I have a knock coming from that area
I'll be checking that out today

       Not sure mate
Pedal goes down smoothly to the bottom but when you raise it slowly it's squeaks and comes up with a juddering movement. The clutch suddenly bites so I suppose it could be the clutch springs/ fingers not moving in a smooth action

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