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my clutch has failed yet again


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thanks for the reply, bit easier to appreciate what a hassle it can be acquiring parts that you trust enough to sell.

quick question though - i ordered 2 synchro rings from you from the spit mkIV section of your site, as at present theres no mk3 gearbox section. im not quite sure what gearbox is in my mk3 spit, because it has a mkIV engine. when you talk about smaller small gearboxes from the early spits and larger small boxes for the later spits, does this mean i could have ordered synchros that wont fit if i've got the original gearbox ?


edit - haha forget my question, just checked my email and somebody at canley's who is very on the ball noticed my query from what i ordered, and has sent an e-mail advising on changing my order. good times !!

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well. this is even weirder. my car is more of a bitsa than i thought. i knew it had a mkIV engine, but it appears i also have a herald gearbox, or at least the casing is !

the number stamped on top is GA67956. pretty sure its herald, but which one ? are the cogs different to produce different qualities to a spitfire, or are the acceleration and top speed governed only by the diff ? thats even if its still got herald bits in it. theres very little wear so i doubt its original. :-/

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all sorted now, thanks. Richard, you're right, all herald gearboxes are the same as the roundtail spit ones.

as long as it all goes back properly, it looks like im finally set to put this one to bed. much thanks for everybodies help, the shout on the bodged slave cylinder particuarly - as long as that is my problem anyway. should hopefully have it all back together by the weekend with a bit of luck, clutch fixed, windscreen leak stopped, tubular manifold fitted and a quieter, smoother, less leaky gearbox.

thanks again.

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