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Spitfire Clutch  


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I have a 1977 Spitfire, love the car had it for 20 something years now. When I put the car in gear, any gear, and it feels like it is going in gear, meaning the pressure of the clutch, it does not engage, meaning the car won't move. In 1st gear there is a slight rumbling, in second gear it is a little louder, third even louder and 4th louder still. No sound when in reverse but still won't engage. I noticed the problem when driving home the other day and the would pop into neutral from 1st gear with a mild amount of pressure, did this twice, The next day, that was it no gears.... I live in La Paz, Mexico and while I can order parts if necessary I am thinking a good mechanic might be able to fix it, seems they can fix anything here, but I want to have some information going in, the more the better. Any suggestions? Thanks.  

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