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Steering Vibration - Possible Causes?


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I'm running out of ideas so thought I'd ask if anyone had any suggestions.

My car's on S alloys and was OK steering vibration wise until Sunday, when I took the front d/s wheel off to give it a good clean and keep corrosion/brake dust at bay.

Since putting it back on I get a vibration at 70MPH that makes the steering wheel saw left/right, which is quite uncomfortable with a 60 mile motorway commute every day and the drive to Le Mans to look forward to.

I've tried taking the wheel off and putting it back on after giving the hub a 1/4 turn - no difference.
I've just had all 4 wheels balanced (at a specialist and not QuickFit - must be 6 weeks since I last had it done for much the same reason) - no difference.

So...anyone got any thoughts what could be causing it that's triggered by just removing and refitting the wheel?

Looking like a long (wet) drive to La Sarthe tomorrow at the moment :(

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timbancroft61 wrote:
If so could be a track control arm ball joint? ......... and I have been told that is the cause.

Yep gets my vote. Hard to identify with the suspension assembled.

and/or Track Rod End Ball Joint, Wheel Bearing, Top Strut Thrust Washers, Top Strut rubber Mount, worn Shock Absorbers

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Not saying this rules them out but...
- Lower ball joints 12 months old (having had them fall apart on the way to last years Le Mans 24hr!).
- Track rod ends ~24 months old.
- Wheel bearing unknown but was vibration free until wheel off/on (and they end up off/on a lot :( )
- Top strut thrust washers - none, roller tops fitted.
- Top strut rubber mount - there is one?
- Shocks ~9 months old.

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esxefi wrote:

did you have the wheels balanced AFTER cleaning them?

if not check you have not lost any of the balance weights,most wheels need weights inside and out.a sticky clean patch is a good clue.

Balanced after and no indication of missing weights.

Fuzzy_Harris wrote:
wasn`t the small centre disk and clips on the "S" wheel prone to throwing the wheels out if they weren`t fitted correctly, i`m sure somebody mentioned it before.

Humm, that's something to check and mine did pop in slightly when I was cleaning and would probably have been off for the wheel balancing/who knows how it was re-fitted.

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I had chronic high speed steering wobble until I went to a 'good' tyre place ... they spent ages balancing and then fitting the worst of the bad S alloys to the rear. Now the front end all goes in the same direction at the same time  ;)

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Well just about had time to take one front wheel off, bash the centre disk forward with the butt of a hammer and put it on a 1/4 turn different.

I don't know what did the trick and it's not perfect but was at least drivable and meant a trouble-free journey to Le Mans and back!

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