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Manual or PAS Steering Arms ?


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Been thinking , on a manual steered car that's been lowered has anyone ever tried fitting PAS steering arms to bring the rack ends into a better plane/ Alignment ? If they have what effects does it's have ?
I've heard that the TR Race boys use only one of 3 different factory TR ones to make the steering "Sharper" .... Thanks Dave .

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Dave I couldn't comment directly on your question, although I'm sure that your stores have your original PI ones in them to try (if not I have some), CW does different drag strut bushes to 'sharpen' the steering but that doesn't change the angle of the rack ends.
Have you asked Chris this question, or perhaps Andy Roberts as he had the mk1 racer.


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Not sure what the difference is as I've never actually seen the PAS version.  I have an idea they are a different length (giving different leverage) as well as differently shaped to better match the different rack centreline?

The different dragstrut bushes will be to increase the caster angle.  This will increase the self centering effect and increase the weight of the steering.  It might be an advantage on PAS cars, but is definitely unwanted on manual steering!


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