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power steering pump


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Don't know whether a Stag's hydraulic pump would fit, but there must be an exchange service if your pump needs overhauling. As for electric power steering, EZ Power Steering have kits for classics - http://www.ezpowersteering.nl/type/434/140/Triumph_TR_6.html. They're not cheap though and would still need adapting to suit your car. Best option is to overhaul what you've got. I've read that the pump's valves can be adjusted to make the steering heavier or lighter, too, if that's any help.

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thanks for the info nick, the stag pump looks to have the same mounting points as mine but is fitted to a different bracket, my pump appears to be making the sort of noise you would expect to be a worn bearing but in the triumph 2000 2500 operations repair manual I have  there is no bearing shown on the exploded diagram of the pump which seems strange to me, all I can find is seal repair kits from the various triumph parts suppliers, ive replaced the alternator and water pump with new ones so that 'should  eliminate them also ive put some wd40 on the shaft which has stopped the noise temporarily, can any one confirm if theres a bearing in the pump

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1526 wrote:

I had power steering pump in a modern car that made this sort of funny noise.  Turned out the fluid level had been low and there was air in the system.


I know it's not much help..... but I've had fluid loss twice from my Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit power steering system - the pipes rust away and get pin holes - and the noise from the pump when the fluid was low was pretty scary, very similar to the sound of bearings about to explode :O so a potential air lock would be worth investigating.

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