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Steering rack – pinion ratio


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I’m about to change the steering rack for my Vitesse - LHD. The rack is original from Vitesse 6 which is 6 tooth pinion – fitted to Herald and Vitesse 6. However, there is a 2l engine fitted in the car and I would like to go for the correct one which is 7 tooth pinion – fitted to Mk1 and Mk2, see http://vitesse.no/Projects/Winter-2008-2009/TheCourier289-SteeringRack.pdf . Rimmer list 305931 and 305931HR, where HR is High Ratio. Does anyone know whether HR is the same as 7 tooth pinion (Rimmer didn’t know!!), meaning that I should order 305931HR for having the 7 tooth pinion to fit the heavier 2l engine……

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I thought that GT6 and Vitesse + 2000 saloon etc had 6 tooth pinions (slow rack) whereas Spit, most Heralds and TR's had 7 tooth pinion "quicker" rack.

Anyway a TR6 LHD pinion will sort you - I have access to loads of them if you are desperate - my local Triumph garage converted about 100 TR's from LHD to RHD

http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-134688 This will give the "stanpart" higher ratio

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slow rack has a  small identification groove turned in the input shaft splines to identify it

we had an exchange rack before we did any homework , all the same they say...  but with a 7 tooth and my old biceps needed 4 shreaded wheat to park the ground anchor weight,

then you find out the basics and get the correct one , even went back to the orig weston steering wheel diameter to keep the
handwheel loads down  

its all down to preference


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