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Unusual GT6 cam specs


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I am not very familiar with hotrod cam theory, my understanding is just above the basics of how camshafts & that tilting towards longer duration & more lift yields more power (& lumpier idle).

I bought a cam back in the 80s when the factory competition cams had dried up & Iskenderian for some reason couldn't get me one; I don't remember who referred me to this vendor.

Looking at the data sheet, its timing is very different from most other cams:
OEM GT6's:  18-58-58-18, 25-65-65-25, 10-50-50-10 (GT6+ emissions cam)
Factory competition cams:  31-71-71-31, 42-71-71-42, 37-73-73-37
This cam:  20-56-60-16

What would be the reasoning behind & effect of this cam's timing not being umm, symmetrical like the others?

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