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Minilites what fits.


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I need to replaced the tatty wheels on my Vitesse Mk1 and am looking at a set of Minilites.

 I was wondering what other members have put on their cars. I have been looking at JBW which I understand is a popular choice.

Am I right in thinking that 5.5 X13 wheels with +25 offset and 175/13-70 tyres will fit but I have been considering 5.5 X 14 wheels with +22 offset and 175/14-65 tyres. Does anyone know if these will fit? or have any other suggestions. Am I also right in thinking the PDC is 95.25mm in all cases. 



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Hi, I don’t have direct answers to your questions, but if you want to read around the subject a bit, here’s some info I dumped a while back: 


Also here’s some ‘wheels wot work’ type data: 


It used to have way more pics and links but several server moves and life happened so I’ve neglected it for past 10 years! 

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