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Cam specs for a PI...


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It's meant to be a good road profile in a 1500 Spit, power from 2500ish but I don't know about the GT6.
TR5 profile is popular I think but I have no experience.

Quoted from Triumphtune catalogue: (edit) "2.5 litre engines, fast road 83: High lift road type profile which we find is an excellent profile for a sporty road car. The profile is very tractable and gives a very wide power band, peak power is at 5250. Power range 2500-6000"

Make of that what you will!

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If it's a "234" take off the T and add KC= Kent cams.
The only clever thing about toilet tune was their ability to sell standard Ford crossflow profiles for MORE than Kent could themselves, then claim somewhat sanctimoniously they had done Triumph owners a big favour  ;D ;D

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Im running a kent TH5 in my tuned PI saloon (purchased from CW) and has run very well for the last 20,000 miles....so if its similar it should perform well...but ultimately i would ask CW, hes one of the few people that knows what  hes talking about, If he says its rubbish then it is !

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Thanks for the replies.  The car seems to go quite well and I aren't thinking of changing the cam, it's just that I've only owned the car for five days, so I have a learning curve ahead of me!

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If you check, these are some references;-

This cam is called a KC234 one of the 1600 x-flow FORD family of cams 234-244-254-264 which came originally from the USA.

That cam is timed 37 63 74 28 and is also called a fast road 83  AND a TH5.....
confused yet?? Well you will be soon!  :-/

Apparently it doesn't like close clearances on triumph engines...probably because it wasn't designed for a triumph  ;D ;D
Seems to work ok or that's what everyone seems to say...cam lift .288" valve 410"
It's a mild cam with high lift and early opening, inlet a bit like a TR6, and early opening exhaust, which favours mid range torque and tractability.
However it WILL wear faster because of higher lift.
Seems we forgot pretty much ALL the other good cams over the years in a huge BID to give maximum market share to Toilet Tune and the Kent cams marketing machine eh??  :P

Now TH6 is a KC244 and is also called a race 83, but it's NOT a race cam and works great on 1700 hi compression FORD x-flows on the road timed 42 - 68 78 - 32

I'm not greatly impressed with that stuff or the next one on Stanpart engines....

254 resembles the 234 quite a bit & it's timed 47 -73 83 -37.
This ones called TH7 or goodness knows what else and claims a massive cam lift of .324" - (valve = .460") which works on Fords WITH CHAMBERED HEADS.
I would say it's unlikely to give good results on a Triumph-silly lift!

Then comes the 264 which has become the Race cam of choice for unthinking Triumph race drivers timed 52 -78 88 - 42.
I think the main reason why it became popular is the inability of those ppl to live with a true race cam such as made by Cosworth or "others I don't mention"

Or perhaps it's just because the lobes tend to stay on longer than most people's offerings.
What the 264 lacks in top end it makes up for in lower down torque...
It's still NOT a true race camshaft, but I think that's where this post should end....

Hot cams don't neccessarily need massive lift or silly clearances to work, they just need proper design....see the Hillman Imp.
They make do with a mere .360" valve lift (same as a standard TR5!) and quite happily rev to 9000 with as much as 120-125bhp from 1000cc  ;D

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Is not the duration of this cam similar to a standard TR5 or early TR6?
The Kent 234 was very popular with oval racers using the Crossflow because it gave good torque out of corners.

Its also not far away from the Piper 270 that I have in the Sprint.

My TR5 went bloody well indeed.

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I have the TH5 camshaft in my GT6 Mk 3. The TH5 has slightly higher lift than the Fast Road 83, but otherwise are similar. When choosing a cam, I first drove my car and used the rev counter to see where most of my driving actually placed the needle. It was hardly ever above 5000 so I opted for a 'road' camshaft.
I have twin Stromberg 175s from a TR4, a TSSC gas-flowed head with the biggest valves they do, a 6 branch exhaust, electronic ignition. However I stayed with the standard exhaust because I prefer the sound and the straight-through is only needed for maximum BHP at the top end, where it gives only about 2 or 3 extra. Overall, this setup is similar to the old Triumphtune stage 2 kit that was sold in the 70s, which I actively tried to recreate as a period tuning item. The TR4 carbs are just as good as SUs and they are the original 'flat top' carbs that mean you can use standard GT6 inlet manifold with adaptor plates. SUs work well too, but Strombergs are the Triumph 'family' carb and are more in keeping with the under-bonnet appearance. I have done the injection thing and although fast, it spoiled the car. The car is very lively and has a definite edge in the mid-range due to the extra torque. The engine is sweet and free-revving, and I guess it gives about 125bhp, but my driving style is mostly about mid-range torques so it is just what I want. It is thirsty, about 22mpg. It sounds great, really fruity! I think that it has a definite edge over a late TR6, but I have never driven an early one. It is faster than my MGA Twin Cam Roadster by a long way, and smoother, although not so free-revving.  I hope this helps,  Chris

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