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Engine Mount Change


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Hey everyone,
After following this forum with interest for the past couple of months I have decided it was about time to introduce myself and ask a question. My name is Adam and I am the proud owner of a MKIV Triumph Spitfire.
My question is regarding the engine mounts, I have done some research and found out that you can do them by jacking up the oil sump with a block of wood in between, but I am unsure of where to jack up on the sump, should it be on the sump bolts or on the sump itself. I would have thought jacking up on the sump itself would damage it and I don't really want to do this.
Any assistance would be great!

Adam  :)

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You should aim to spread the load across the base of the sump (imho) and not jack too hard - you are just trying to relieve the existing mounts, not jack the engine up out of the car.
If you have a jack with a small seat you will bend/break the sump, one with a large pad or (as you say) a large thick block of wood is even better.
Pressure = force/surface area. Small surface area = sump destruction!

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loosen the nuts off first then raise it up about an inch or so .take the old ones off ,refit the new ones . I always drive the car on to a couple of bits of wood like scaffold board first to give a bit more underengine clearance for a trolley jack with a bit of wood to spread the load..job done.

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