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Its not so much that the sump distorts but the area around the bolt holes gets dished as the bolts are tightened up over the years so the sealing is no longer uniform. The best thing is to flatten out the concave bits when the sump is off and make sure everything is smooth. Then use the correct spring washers and, as per the manual, torque to 16 -18ft.lbs (it is worth rechecking this from time to time as they do seem to loosen off). 

Did you use any sealing compound on the gasket?

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In my workshop manual the bolt torques are listed at the begining for the whole car not in each section.

First you could just check the bolt torques to see whether that stops the leak. If not Id remove the sump, inspect the gasket (either reuse or replace it) and then remount the sump once you've got it in good shape. I wouldnt be fussy about the sealant to use as its not a pressure joint so is just a back up to the gasket...

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do take care   that bolts fitted to the front bearing sealing block do not bottom out its alloy and will strip easily im sure you will find some bolts are longer where they go through a reinforced flange and shorter in single skin 

the front block is a well known Oops  !!!    for failing/leaking 

if this happens you can tap 8mm metric , or drill  and tap 3/8unf  or buy a steel block from most suppliers to recover a striped block



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