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Vitesse Sump Bolts

dave mc

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Having taken my sump off for a clean up while the engine is out I came to refit it today. 4 of the setscrews are slightly longer than the other 19.

Is this correct? Both canley and Rimmers site shows 23 all the same length. So, perhaps a previous owner lost 4 and replaced them with slightly longer ones?

By the way, the threads on the alloy insert are fine so that's a relief.

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If you have vernier calipers and measure the depth + thickness of sump at bolt hole = more than length of bolt shank and thread, no worries. Or mark off depth with something thin enough and measure. As you are concerned about stripping the ali I'm sure you won't over tighten  those bolts :)

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the alloy main bearing bridge takes shorter screws, if you fit the long ones they will bottom out and strip the alloy,
tssc shop sell steel replacements ..much better   if you have a stripped one,
alternative  for a diy repair they can be  re tapped up a size or go metric.

torque is quite low on these at 6-8lbft max


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Thanks Pete. Not striped and I put the longer ones elsewhere to avoid tempting fate.

Any idea where the 4 longer ones are supposed to go, or should they all be the same length.

I noticed to the two holes below the oil filter housing are longer and put two of them in there for now.

The gasket sealant was going off so wanted got get the sump on and worry about the longer ones after.

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