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oil sump sealing?


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no not really, but it has to be squeekeeeee clean,
its suprising just hoo much muck comes off a clean looking thing,
when ye use thinners.

thin bead all round, and a ring aroond the holes.
wipe off excess on oot side before it sets,


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Will use a bit of petrol to wipe surfaces but engine in situ so will have to apply seal to sump only.

Cheers markus.

On another matter, I have two single rail gear lever with overdrive switch.
One is shorter than other and think one of them ia from a dolomite.
Which one is likely to be rhe spitfire one. Any ideas?

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"the less than level surface of the sump sealing face"?

Do you refer to the flange on the sump or the block face?
If the latter, what on earth has happened to your block?

The former is often distorted, esp. aropund the bolt holes by over-enthusiastic  DPOs swinging on the spanner to try and get a seal.    Take sosmeting flat and thick enough to get beind the flange as a dolly and tap the bolt holes all back flat.  Then, little more than hand tight will seal it.

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Engineering tip.

After you've beaten it flat, get a dome nut or big ball bearing and give the hole a light donk from the sump side. Support the edge you are hitting on a bit of wood.
That way, when the nut nips down, it nips the sump face down truly flat.

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