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Martin M

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I agree with Martin!

I had a modern repro copper rad on the Vitesse, and the bottom hose tube sprang a leak where it joins the bottom tank.
I took it to a radiator repair man, who pointed out the short comings of this Asian copy.  
We supposed that they knew no better, but that tube should go right across the tank, being brazed at both sides, when it was only brazed in on the one side.
He said that he could repair it, by rebrazing it, but that it should have a new tbe put in across the tank, a job that would need the tank removing.
Obviously, that was uneconomic, even when a new repro rad was £200.
In addition, the filler neck was taller than normal, and I had to buy a replacement that was correspondingly longer - because the old one leaked! - from the supplier.
I went for a Honda CRX tank as advertised on eBay:
(Just an example; mine was less than £80)

I did need to get brackets Tig welded onto either side to match the original mounts, but that still made the project cost about half a repro tank.

See pic below of rad fitted.  It kept my old 2.5 engine well cooled.

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That's interesting JohnD, when I put the tweaked engine in my Vitesse, I also went for a modern Aluminium Honda Civic radiator just like the one you're showing.
I'm buggered if it would keep my engine cool though :/

I'm now running a modified Ford Escort RS2000 radiator, which is almost 30% bigger in surface area and it still struggles

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