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J-type overdrive oil, fully synthetic?


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the spanner is a thin walled 1"af  , the roll pins  are in the case to hold the sol base to the valve body, not all J types have them depends on age.  the sol case may be a bit of a slack fit , if you turn the sol. by gripping the case you can tear the pins off,  hence the silly spanner .
mine did all sorts of odd ins and outs without any preference as to when or how, it was the sol. inner piston 0 rings in Marcus's  post
the small   10mm circlip needs removing and tap the inner shuttle out as it can be stuck,  a shake of the sol. will rattle the piston  if its free


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Thanks again for the replies.

I bought one of the bespoke spanners for the solenoid hexagon, the spanner opened up at the first attempt so it's hopefully going back to the seller. I've subsequently bought a 1" x 15/16" open-ended spanner (used) for butchery into something that should work. It's a Britool spanner but it will be sacrificed in a worthy cause.

Had the sump off the O/D, the high pressure filter was filthy, the suction filter was a bit cleaner. Pressure relief and pump were clean. Reassembled but didn't have the correct pin wrench for the caps. Used long nose pliers and then a tap with a punch, probably not tight enough though, some oil seeping past the cap for the high pressure filter at zero pressure.

The correct pin wrenches are apparently not available, adjustable pin wrenches for angle grinders are available. I'll also need to change the aluminium crush washer for the high pressure filter I'm assuming it's a crush washer for sealing, there are no "O" rings present for the HP filter cap and none shown on drawings I've seen.

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The butchered Britool spanner did the job, solenoid removed. New seals fitted, the old seals on the inner piston looked a bit square. All fairly clean. However, I only have about 1.5mm of stroke on the inner piston when actuated by putting 12V across the solenoid terminals. There is something clunking around inside the solenoid, possibly the coil, so I'll need to knock the roll pins out to get the cover off.

A vendor was selling recon J-type solenoids for about GBP72 delivered, this would have been fine for me but no more in stock. Now most are over GBP100 where available

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The outer case on j sols can be a rattle fit  its asloppy fit held on by the 3 pins

ive foud the inner piston does rattle when you give it a good shake

no idea how you remove the spirol pins   to remove the coil cover    its not exactly serviceable

dont mend it to destruction

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