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Overdrive Rebuild


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As mentioned in an earlier thread, it is my intention to replace the clutch and the rebuild my overdrive in the next three/four weeks or so.
The clutch does not present any problems for me, and it appears that I am looking at around £70/80 for a Borg and Beck's. Anyone know anywhere I can possibly get one cheaper?

The other task I intend doing is to rebuild my overdrive, which I understand is a J-type unit. Has anyone done this job before, and is there any particular pitfalls to watch out for? Also, is there any parts that I need to replace when I do this? I have factored in new oil seals, etc, but what else would benefit from new parts? And what type of budget am I looking at for doing this? My initial guess was around £100 or so, does this sound feasible or do I need to allocate more funds?

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GT6DavidMK1 wrote:
Is there any thing wrong with your overdrive? ;)

I hope not, I had a problem that started on Boxing day when I tried to climb a hill in fourth overdrive, put my foot slightly futher onto the throttle and had the interesting experience of the engine accelerating faster than the car whilst theoretically stilll in gear!! Is either clutch or overdrive, as it is happening with and without overdrive, but due to some lag in operation that has steadily been getting worse I have decided to rebuild it.

cliftyhanger wrote:
Oh and the spares day at stoneleigh can be a good place for bargains, if you can wait!

Unfortunately will be abck at work again by then, and I really wish to get the car back running before then. If I can wrangle it though I do intend on coming down for Stoneleigh to see what I can pick up. If this becomes the case, my engine rebuild may just be put on the back burner for a short while :D

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Yeah, I shall be replacing the clutch in the near future!!

The main reason I have for doing the overdrive is the fact that I am starting the long process of doing a complete rolling resto on the spitty. Hopefully by the time I have finished (by RBRR if I am really lucky :D, though I suspect that this may be a pipe dream on my part) everything on the car will have been rebuilt etc. This includes that likes of the overdrive and the gearbox, since that way I will have a reasonable decent idea of what is going on in the car. Plus I get the satisfaction of driving a car that I know intimately, and have shed blood and tears to get to that point.

Given the recent problems, I decided that now was as good a time as any to do the rebuild! The gearbox will have to wait though, since I suspect that may be out of my budget at the time being.

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